Now that October has arrived, most of us are packing up our sandals and summer shoes and putting them away and bringing out the closed toe shoes and sneakers in anticipation of colder weather. (Although this week it is going to feel more like summer) Closed toe shoes don’t allow for the foot to breathe and they form a moist, dark environment  where fungus loves to grow.
We commonly see athletes foot infection spike in winter months. Most people with athletes foot infections complain of scaling skin that sometimes becomes red and inflamed and itches like crazy. You should avoid scratching as this can lead to skin openings leading to bacterial infections which can be far worse than the original athletes foot infection.
For Acute Cases:
     Antifungal Cream- Clarus Topical antifungal Cream is a great option to
                     start the clearing process.
     Exfoliating Cream- This allows some of the scales to break down
              especially if you have very dry feet which allows better
                    penetration of antigungal cream.
It is also important to not only treat the foot but also to treat the shoes/boots as this is where fungus likes to live. Clarus anti-microbial spray is always a good option to spray in the shoes. This will also help with odor control in the shoes. This product is both antibacterial and antifungal.
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