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Dr. Lefkowitz is a Board Certified foot and ankle specialist. He has greater than 20 years of experience with medical and surgical issues affecting the foot and ankle. He likes to write about current events, and cutting edge advancements in the field of podiatry. Read More about Dr. Ken Lefkowitz



When tissue is exposed to freezing temperatures for long periods of time, frostbite can develop.  Although it may seem counterintuitive, frostbite is considered a burn and causes similar damage to tissue layers.  It can cause loss of feeling and can result in permanent, irreversible tissue damage. In extreme temperature situations, the [...]


Why Does It Feel Like There’s a Pebble In My Shoe?


That feeling of a pebble in your shoe may be a Morton's neuroma! Morton’s neuroma is one of the top causes of foot pain podiatrists treat each year.  There are more than 200,000 diagnosed cases of Morton’s neuroma diagnosed each year. Neuromas by definition are benign nerve tumors, [...]

Why Does It Feel Like There’s a Pebble In My Shoe?2022-01-20T16:02:56+00:00

Hallux Rigidus & Limitus


Hallux Rigidus / Hallux Limitus (painful big toe joint) The great toe joint, or metatarsophalangeal joint, is the joint where the great toe meets the foot.  As we walk, a force approximately two times our body weight crosses over the great toe joint.  This very small joint plays an extremely important role to [...]

Hallux Rigidus & Limitus2021-12-13T16:05:06+00:00

Achilles Tendon Pain / Pain in The Back of the Heel


What Is That Pain In The Back of My Heel? The Achillies tendon is the largest tendon in the body.  It is used to walk, run, climb stairs, jump and stand on tip toes. Achillies tendonitis is inflammation of the Achillies tendon.  It can occur within the tendon itself or at the point [...]

Achilles Tendon Pain / Pain in The Back of the Heel2021-12-30T17:47:29+00:00

Don’t Forget Your Feet This Holiday Season


Holiday Season means more time on your feet During the rush of the Holiday Season it is important to take care of your feet as you will log many additional hours on them. Most people take their feet for granted, until pain and problems such as blisters or calluses develop. But, it is important to [...]

Don’t Forget Your Feet This Holiday Season2018-12-17T03:03:10+00:00

What Is That Pain In My Heel & Arch?


Pains in your arches and or heels? The American Podiatric Medical Association conducted a study that revealed 77% of American (18 and up) suffer from foot pain. Approximately 2 million people in the United States will suffer from Plantar Fasciitis, one of the most common types of foot pain. The plantar fascia is a tough [...]

What Is That Pain In My Heel & Arch?2023-09-25T12:08:11+00:00

Children’s Feet


Babies’ feet are made up of fragile cartilage that has not yet developed into strong bones. A child’s feet are fragile, delicate, easily damaged and need to be covered and supported, even before they learn to walk. Boys feet usually reach their adult size by age 13, and a girls foot is usually fully developed [...]

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