Foot & Ankle Surgery

Are you thinking of getting foot and ankle surgery? First, you need to explore the various options available and at Quality Foot Care, our team of foot and ankle specialists are here to help you start your foot healing path.

Headed by podiatrist Dr. Ken Lefkowitz and his professional staff, Quality Foot Care is the best foot and ankle clinic located in Doylestown, PA, that treats nearly every ailment related to the foot and ankle. Sports injuries, bunions, and heel pain are just a few of the common foot disorders that we specialize in.

Before opting for foot and ankle surgery, Dr. Ken Lefkowitz will advise you on trying specific techniques such as Orthotics or other treatments. Depending on the severity of the foot condition, there are plenty of cases where surgery is the most sensible choice. Here are 7 benefits to getting foot and ankle surgery that are worth considering.

7 Benefits of Foot and Ankle Surgery   

  1. Improved appearance: After foot surgery, people say that their feet look better. Not only are they healthy, but now you don’t have to be shy about walking barefoot on the beach.
  2. Little to no pain: According to a study conducted by The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, 85 percent of bunion surgery patients claimed they no longer experience foot pain and were satisfied with the surgery.
  3. Improved mobility: Not only do you feel better after foot surgery, but you’ll notice there’s a positive impact with your walk, stride, and, overall, mobility.
  4. Better footwear: Those who get foot surgery claim they are able to wear different kinds of shoes. So now you can goshoe shopping!
  5. Short recovery: Depending on your foot ailment, surgery might be the best solution. For example, a Plantar’s wart can take up to one year to treat. However, with foot surgery, the recovery period only lasts a few weeks.
  6. Same-Day Procedures: Dr. Ken Lefkowitz is a podiatrist that offers same-day procedures in Doylestown, PA. So you can come in for a morning appointment and be out within a couple of hours. The benefit of same-day procedures is that you can start your foot healing faster at home and be back on your feet in no time.
  7. Relaxation: After your same-day procedure, Dr. Ken Lefkowitz will advise you on how much time your feet need to heal. So it’s a good time to relax. If your place of employment gives you some paid time off for medical issues, this is a good opportunity to get some rest and recuperation.

In summary, there are several benefits to getting foot and ankle surgery due to reports of improved health, foot appearance, and mobility. And the better news is that recovery time doesn’t take forever. A good week or two is all you need to get healthy feet.

If you would like more information on a same-day procedure, Dr. Ken Lefkowitz and our team of foot and ankle specialists are here to advise you on the proper foot treatments that will improve your overall health and quality of life.

Please call now to make an appointment and come visit us at our foot and ankle clinic located in Doylestown, PA.