Above pictured is Dr. Kaplan and his labradoodle Barley!

Athletes foot is a fungal infection that occurs on the skin of the feet. It is important to realize that this does not only occur in athletes, but can occur in anyone. Fungus is everywhere in the environment and is transmitted to the feet by walking barefoot- commonly seen in gym locker rooms, swimming pools and bath-houses. Fungus likes to live in dark and moist places and now that winter is upon us and we are not wearing sandals, our feet tend to stay in dark, moist conditions in our closed toe shoes.


Itching of skin

Flaky/ scaling of skin


Cracked Skin

Raw Skin


Steps to avoid Athletes Foot:

Keep shoes and socks dry

Change shoes regularly

Avoid moisturizing between toes

Wear flip flops in public showers

Dry in between toes daily

Many times people mistake athletes foot for dry skin but unfortunately just applying a moisturizer or exfollient will not clear it up. Many times, you need prescription medications to resolve the infection. If you think that you are developing athletes foot or any other foot/ ankle conditions, contact Quality Foot Care today for evaluation by one of our board certified podiatrists!