Why Does the Bottom of My Foot Hurt?

In some cases the fat pad under high pressure areas in your foot can diminish. This can be a result of damage due to underlying defects of your bone or physiology. When this occurs it can lead to pain as well as deep calluses.

What Is Fat Pad Augmentation?

Fat pad augmentation is a technique that involves moving your existing fat to a new location or an injectable dermal like filler. These techniques are used to decrease heel or ball of foot pain due to contact forces with the ground and shoe gear. It can also be very effective in reducing and or eliminating painful calluses on the bottoms of your feet.

Introducing Leneva: A Natural Solution to Treat Your Feet

We now have an easy minimally invasive procedure that not only creates an internal padding but also encourages your body to produce new fat cells months after the initial injection. This product is called Leneva. Leneva is an off-the shelf injectable human adipose tissue matrix that is designed to support your body’s own tissue regeneration process. The process for producing it allows for retention of key matrix proteins, collagen and growth factors that promote your own bodies production of localized fat.

Leneva may be used for the replacement of damaged or inadequate fat pad under your skin allowing for increased cushioning and pain relief.

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