Foot Health

Many of us take our feet for granted, but having healthy feet has a significant impact on our overall health. It has been said that a person will walk the distance of the earth’s circumference three times during their lifetime.

Feet have a tough but important job – being repeatedly pounded against the ground during the necessary act of daily walking.
A foot massage feels great after a long day of walking, but what if you have been driving for hours? It is recommended to lie face down and have your feet elevated (on a pillow) for about 15 minutes after driving long distances.

Feet take a lot of pressure and are quite forgiving, but if you ignore them you will find that they will eventually give out. If your feet hurt or you are unable to walk effectively and comfortably, it is less likely that you will be able to engage in physical activity. Inactivity can leave you vulnerable to life threatening illnesses associated with a sedentary lifestyle.

Practicing good foot hygiene is another aspect of keeping feet and your entire body healthy. For example, pay attention when washing around and under your toenails to thoroughly remove any dirt and/or bacterial. It is also important to dry wet feet, especially between the toes, to avoid athlete’s foot or other complications that may interfere with the health of your feet.

Some other tips to maintain healthy feet include:

  1. Inspecting your feet, and noting if there are any slight changes in the appearance, texture, or color.
  2. Keeping feet moisturized, as dry skin can cause cracking and fissure formations.
  3. Walking with foot covers to eliminate potential injury and/or infection.
  4. Cutting the nail straight across and using an emery board to file down sharp edges to avoid ingrown toenails.
  5. Walking for exercise, which works to keep your feet healthy and your weight within a desirable range.
  6.  Buying properly fitting shoes (always try on shoes before purchasing, as different manufacturers may vary in there sizing).
  7. Shopping for new footwear at the end of the day, when your feet are the largest (due to normal swelling).
  8. Wearing different shoes every day, because feet naturally sweat and shoes absorb the moisture. Leaving 24 hours between wearing a pair of shoes again allows time for them to dry out.
  9. Applying sunblock to the feet during the summer months to avoid painful sunburn.
  10. Allowing a trained professional to conduct a proper diagnosis of any foot discomfort.

Dr. Kenneth Lefkowitz and his staff at Quality Foot Care would be happy to evaluate any foot pain and help you get on the road to excellent foot health. Call today, at 215-230-9707, to make an appointment to visit their Doylestown office.