By Dr. Ken Lefkowitz

Hey ladies, ever bought a pair of shoes that were too big or too small because your size wasn’t

available but they were just too cute or too discounted to pass up? Seems harmless enough, right?

Wrong. Wearing ill-fitting shoes day after day can actually cause numerous foot problems, some even

requiring surgery. Here are some tips for scoring a perfectly fitting pair of shoes.

First and foremost, measure your feet at the shoe store. You may think you know your size, but

even when you’re done growing, your feet can continue to increase in size. Try to measure them at the

end of the day, which is when your feet are at their largest. Another thing to keep in mind is that your

feet might not be equal in size. If you find this to be the case, always buy the pair of shoes that fits the

larger foot if you can’t get one shoe in each size.

The next rule is one that is ignored way too often. I cannot stress this enough—never buy a pair

of shoes that is too tight around the sides or the toes expecting them to eventually become “broken in”

after wearing them for a while. Walk in your shoes for a while at the shoe store, and if they feel too

tight, try a different size. The same goes for a pair that is too loose. If your heel pops out with each step,

the fit is not right.

If you have any questions about purchasing shoes or would like advice on special diabetic

footwear, do not hesitate to call Quality Foot Care at 215-230-9707. If you have other foot or ankle

concerns, be sure to make an appointment at our Doylestown office today.