By Dr. Ken Lefkowitz

It is common knowledge that you should protect from and inspect your skin for melanoma (skin cancer), but have you ever considered the skin on your feet? Melanoma is said to affect 1 in 5 people during their lifetimes, and the feet are by no means excluded. In fact, melanoma concentrated in the lower extremities is one of the most aggressive forms of this notorious type of cancer. Especially after many summer days at the beach, where you may have, like many others, neglected to put suntan lotion on your feet, it is necessary that you examine them thoroughly (skin cancer can even be found under the toenail!). Any lesion that seems to be deformed, discolored, or changing in size warrants a biopsy.

Many people mistake a melanoma lesion for a plantar wart, callus, or even a birthmark that they have never noticed before. Early detection is important when it comes to any form of cancer, and wrongly assuming a mark is benign can cause a dangerous delay in diagnosis. This is why it is critical to see a professional about any mark on your skin that seems suspicious.

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