I am sure you have all heard of this new Pokemon craze spreading around the United States or have seen a bunch of teens running around a local park with there cell phones out. Yes, I have to agree this is a great way to get children out of the house and away from there sedentary video games but it is also causing its fare share of injuries. Although I do not know much about the game, I have had a small number of teenagers come to the office with their parents complaining of foot pain and injuries from running around a field looking for Pokemon. Most of the time, they say that they were wearing no shoes or flip flops when they were running and twisted there foot/feet. What’s important to realize is that you should make sure your children are wearing supportive sneakers when running around outside whether playing Pokemon or sports activities. I would also recommend against playing in the dark as there can be divots in the grass etc that can lead to injury. In addition to that, if your children experience any foot injury or pain, they should make an appointment with a podiatrist right away. As children’s bones and soft tissues are still growing, early treatment of any injury can possibly prevent complications down the line.

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