This weather today makes me look forward to summer and kayaking- picture of Dr. Kaplan and his dog Barley!

As a practicing podiatrist, a week does not go by without a patient coming in for one issue and during the course of exam I find another issue that the patient did not know we treated. Commonly it’s a patient that comes in for foot pain and I notice a skin condition on their foot and right away they say they are going to make an appointment with their dermatologist. I am here today to tell you that podiatrists treat ALL conditions related to the feet whether it be pain or not.

Common things that we see include heel pain, nail fungus, ingrown nails, generalized pain, warts, and flat feet. It is important to realize that this is NOT all that we treat. Rather than make a list of what we do treat, it is easier to say that we can evaluate and treat ALL conditions of the foot and ankle whether dermatological, musculoskeletal, or neurological. In addition to this, the podiatrists at Quality Foot Care of Doylestown are also trained in surgery of the foot and ankle which we perform when conservative treatment options do not resolve foot and ankle issues. Many of our patients do not realize that we do surgery and many have appointments with their orthopedist already when they come see us. It is important to realize that the profession of podiatry has come a long way over the last 30 years. In the past, podiatrists would primarily trim toenails and calluses. Today’s podiatrist still does this but also a multitude of other things that make us a more well rounded part of the medical community.

If you or any family members or friends have ANY issues with the foot or ankle, call Quality Foot Care today at 215-230-9707 to make an appointment with one of our board certified podiatrists!