“What can I use for the fungus in my nails?” This is a question that I get all day everyday from  patients. My answer usually consists of a discussion of topical medications vs oral medications. I then always get asked the question “How effective is the topical medications?” I set out to write this blog to answer the burning question of how effective topical anti-fungals are for nail fungus.

The two newest topical medications, Jublia and Kerydin (came out in 2014) are the mainstay topical medications for nail fungus. I am sure everyone reading this has seen commercials on TV (even during the fourth quarter of the superbowl) and in newspapers for these medications. Both are RX only.

Jublia– Efinaconazole 10% needs to be used daily for 48 weeks

A complete cure was seen by somewhere between 15.2% and 17.8% of people using the medication (different in the two major clinical trials). A complete cure is defined as no fungus noted under the microscope and 0% clinical involvement of the toenail.

It is important to keep in mind that patients were only included in this trial if they only had 20-50% involvement of the toenail (this means that people whose entire nail was infected with the fungus were not included)

Kerydin- Tavabarole 5% is another topical medication that is used very similarly.

A complete cure was seen in between 6.5% to 9.1% (different in both clinical trials) of patients using this medication.

Unfortunately nail fungus is contagious and it is important to treat it but as we can see from the above data, neither of the two most commonly used topical medications have VERY high effectiveness for complete cure of toenail fungus. There are also oral medications that can be used that have higher effectiveness and some other physician dispensed products, such as Clarus by BAKO, that have good effectiveness when discussed in the physician community but no real studies to prove the effectiveness. BAKO does offer a money back guarantee to the patient for the products effectiveness which patients love!

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Data Above from FDA Label Website