feet at the beach

By Dr. Ken Lefkowitz

Summer is only a month away, and most people are planning beach trips and backyard barbecues. Your feet are probably the last thing on your mind, but during the summertime they need more attention than ever. Listen to these helpful tips to maintain foot health during the warmer months.

Have you ever had sunburn on your feet? It’s a very unpleasant feeling when you have to put shoes and socks on over burnt skin. When applying sunscreen, never forget your feet. Pay special attention to the tops and fronts of your ankles, and always reapply after taking a dip in the pool. Another pool procedure you should always remember is to wear sandals poolside and in any locker rooms or bathrooms. This will limit the likelihood of contracting a bacterial, fungal and viral infections. Athlete’s foot and other fungi grow easily in warm, damp areas, and with all the other people walking around barefoot, do not risk going without shoes yourself.

Your best foot health weapons during the summer are sandals and sunscreen, but here are some other things to keep on hand:

  • Emollient enriched cream, which hydrates the feet
  • A pumice stone to soften callused skin
  • Sterile bandages to protect  minor cuts and scrapes from exposure

And, of course, always have toenail clippers and an emery board to smooth rough edges and broken nails.

If your feet aren’t looking or feeling ready for summer, call Quality Foot Care at 215-230-9707. A visit to our Doylestown office will have them looking better in no time!