Pedicure Completed

Spring is here and after the long winter we are ready to shake off the heavy socks and boots. Now that we are going to be showing off the feet it is time for a pedicure. Are pedicures safe? Is there the danger of getting an infection? There are precautions that you can take to keep your feet safe and looking great.

Disinfection Techniques at Nail Spas

Most nail salons will use a disinfecting solution, and there should be about 10 minutes in between each person in the chair. Some salons may be using UV lights to sanitize the tools, the problem with using UV lights to sanitize is that it is supposed to be a six-hour process. Unfortunately, there are nail salons that will pop the tools into the machine for a few minutes and then pull them back out. Do not be shy about asking about the sanitation techniques used, your health depends on it.

Do Not Shave Your Legs Before Pedicure

Although this seems a bit backwards because we are going to have nice feet and prickly legs but shaving your legs before a pedicure is a no-no. The reason for not shaving your legs right before a pedicure is to protect yourself from getting an infection. If you accidently nick your leg, you are opening up the pathway for the germs to enter your body. It is best to hold off on the shaving until after the pedicure.

Bring Your Pedicure Tools

The trend of bringing your own pedicure tools is finally catching on. You are able to clean and disinfect your tools and know for sure they have only been used on your feet. The pedicure tools that you will want to be bringing should include nail files, orange sticks, nail buffers and foot files. Be sure to watch and make sure that the only tools being used on your feet are yours. Once your pedicure is finished, you can take your tools home and disinfect them.

Cutting Straight is Great

Let the pedicurist know that you want your toenails cut straight across. Toenails that are cut with the edges rounded can lead to ingrown nails. Ingrown nails can be very painful and will earn you a visit with your foot specialist. Before the pedicure even begins let the technician know exactly how you want your nails cut. If you are already having issues with ingrown toenails, it is best to see your podiatrist and not get the pedicure.

Cuticles- To Push Back or Not?

The cuticle is what protects the nail and should not be pushed back. By having the cuticles clipped and pushed back the risk of infection increases. It is important to not harm the cuticles in any way including buffing the nails too hard.

Not Sure of the Salon? See Your Podiatrist

If you are uneasy about going to the salon for a pedicure, you are not alone. Remember, you can always see your podiatrist. The podiatrist office may not feel like a salon, but you will have less worries.