Lady Gaga in one of her many crazy pairs of heels at the MuchMusic Video Awards.

After last week’s blog post, you know that high heeled shoes and pain are synonymous, but before you throw out your favorite pair of stilettos, listen to this:  a new company called Biochemistry has developed a foot spray that supposedly relieves high-heel pain.

Heel No Pain, as it will appear in stores, is set to be released in less than two weeks. It will be available at Walgreens and Footlocker in two sizes: 1-oz for $15 or a larger tube for $32. It is most likely another expensive product with false claims, but there is some science behind it: it is a painkiller with a heat treatment that allows it to penetrate the skin. Unlike when getting an injection, Heel No Pain allegedly does not take away protective pain reflexes. The main ingredient is a common anesthetic, Lidocaine, and the product is already FDA approved.

To take advantage of the benefits of Heel No Pain, you must spray your foot with it 10 to 15 minutes before heading out in your heels (or any other shoe that gives you discomfort, for that matter) to allot time for it to kick in. The product’s claim is that you will then be able to experience 2 to 3 hours of pain-free walking. The properties of this spray seem almost magical, and since it is so new, it should be interesting to monitor how effective it is in providing pain relief.

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