Jake Locker quarterback for The Titans will be undergoing surgery today for a Lisfranc fracture.  The Lisfranc joint is located at the instep at the highest part of the arch.  It is where the long bones, (metatarsals) connect with the rest of the foot.

A Lisfranc fracture can occur when you are falling and twist your foot as well as getting your foot caught in a hole while moving.  In Jakes case it was likely the former.

This type of injury is often misdiagnosed as a foot sprain.  The x ray changes are so subtle in many cases that the wrong diagnosis and treatment are often rendered.  Many athletes and weekend warriors are taken out of action for weeks when months would be more appropriate.

In mild cases where the bones are in good alignment your podiatrist can apply a cast and prescribe non-weight bearing.  In cases where the bones have moved out of alignment surgery is likely to be necessary.  The surgery would include screws, plates and or pins.  Also weight bearing is not possible for at least 4-6 weeks.  That’s why Jake Locker will be out of commission for the rest of this season.  Don’t worry though, he should be back next year, good as new.

Lisfranc fractures are seen and treated at Quality Foot Care in Doylestown.  Give us a call if you have a concern about that foot sprain.