As you can see from the above picture, even celebrities have foot and ankle abnormalities. One example of this is a hammertoe. A hammertoe is most easily described as a contracture of the toe causing the top of the toe to be prominent. (usually due to abnormal muscle pull) There are many causes of hammertoes such as flat feet and high arch feet. They can also be seen after trauma. Symptoms can include pain in the top of the toes where they rub against the top of the shoe. Commonly calluses can be formed in the area on the top of the toes which become painful. Hammertoes can also lead to pain in the ball of the feet due to extra pressure in this area from the contracture. Depending on what caused the hammertoes, they tend to progress over time.

There are multiple treatment options for hammertoes. These include silicone toe sleeves to act as a protectant device to prevent rubbing of the toe on the shoe. There are also multiple types of toe splints that can act to hold the toe down. If none of the above ease your pain, surgery is an option. Surgical treatment plans are made on a patient to patient basis but commonly involve removing a small piece of bone from the toe and either fusing the bones in the toe or reducing the contracture by just removing the bone. Commonly pins are placed in the toes temporarily to help them heal in the correct position.

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