I was anxious before my first time appointment last week with Dr. Lefkowitz due to an existing foot trauma and previous treatment attempts, but everyone at the office put my mind at ease right away. I had a piece of glass stuck in my heel for 10 days. After two previous trips to the doctor (once to Patient First/Urgent Care, and then to my primary care physician), I was still suffering. Dr. Lefkowitz was able to examine me, and remove the glass others’ doubted even existed within 15 minutes. I was SO RELIEVED! It was a much less painful procedure than I previously experienced at Urgent Care, and most importantly he fixed the problem! During the visit, I sensed I was in good hands with Dr. Lefkowitz and the support staff, who were all very pleasant, sympathetic and kind. I never felt rushed. The atmosphere was professional and nice. I immediately made a secondary appointment to address another (less dramatic!) foot issue on the spot.