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Foot & Ankle Surgery; What To Expect


Victoria Beckham “You’re going to need surgery,” is a very disconcerting phrase that most people dread hearing from a medical professional, but when it comes to surgeries prescribed by your podiatrist, you can put your mind at rest. Foot and ankle procedures generally have a recovery period that is much shorter than that [...]

Foot & Ankle Surgery; What To Expect2018-09-20T14:04:28+00:00

A Podiatrist Talks About Bunion Causes and Treatment


Victoria Beckham suffers from bunions. Bunions are known as one of the most commonly treated foot problems, especially in women. A bunion is a bony bump that forms on the joint located at the base of the big toe. People can develop “regular” bunions as well as bunionettes, which are smaller bunions. Women [...]

A Podiatrist Talks About Bunion Causes and Treatment2016-02-27T18:02:45+00:00