Dr. Kaplan was very kind, patient and understanding. He listened to my concerns and addressed them and now I am happy to say that I am on the road to recovery after two months of dealing with pain in my foot. The office staff on the other hand seemed unorganized, cluttered behind the desk and did not explain very well the costs associated with my treatment. I went in thinking I just needed to pay my co-pay of $20 and walked out spending $97.00 due to a “deposit fee” on the foot device given to me until they submitted to insurance. I called my insurance company and it is covered 100%. Now I have to wait for their office to reimburse me. But we all know that when you walk into a Doctor’s office your co-pay IS expected at the time of service but I have to wait to get my refund. So like I said things were not explained properly sometimes people don’t have almost $100 on them when they are only expecting to pay their co-pay when walking into a Doctor’s office. Doctor Kaplan was wonderful – the office staff not so much.