I am definitely gettiing some relief, albiet slowly. I had no idea it would cost as much as it is to recover from bone spurs. I thought I would get a cortisone shot and that would be it, but it has cost $75 for a night splint, $8 for cork lifts, $46 for anti-inflamitory gel, the prospect of $450 orthotics and possibly 6 weeks of 3x a week therapy in the office and X-rays. Plus I have purchased 2 sets of lifts for my shoes AND 2 pair of shoes with higher (1-1/2″) heels. Doctor is nice and I’m sure he is doing what he thinks is the best course of action. The girls in the office couldn’t be nicer. I just feel the cost is a bit high. Maybe I expect too much too soon! I have recommended new patients to Quality Foot Care.