I would appreciate a copy of the report that fully documents the cyst that’s referenced. It wasn’t shared during or after the appointment and in order to completely understand the issue that would have been helpful. I would like to have a copy for my files and a recommendation on any symptoms that are important to be aware of to be conscious if more immediate follow-up would be needed. I also felt that the confusion about the referral being needed and how to address it was somewhat confusing. I think it could have been that I provided the wrong card at first yet it was still not clear about what the process or resolution was. I am planning to call Aetna or Buckingham Family Medicine to make sure they processed it. I don’t want this to be an issue that could have been addressed immediately and that gets dragged out. In general, separate from these two points, everyone was pleasant and we were happy to get help with our issues. At this point we felt like they’ve been addressed.